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About our company

In over three years of experience we have discovered what really matters in a candle shop. Quality, love of light, color and attention to detail are just some of the ingredients of a single candle, created especially for you. Adding a dash of creativity and taking into account your wishes, the elegant candle will turn every day of your life into a special occasion.

Why Hobby Maker?

• Because we are a team that likes to make people smile.

• Our candles are made with great dedication and meticulousness.

• Because we are doing it, with passion! Here we use our whole creativity, and our goal is your satisfaction, to those who select us boldly to transform their desires into reality and bring that touch of magic light that fills the whole atmosphere of a unique event.

• We followed our passion and turned it into a genuine profession for over 3 years! Results came over time, keeping pace in which we have evolved.

• Candles made by us are handmade in our own workshop. They are 100% natural palm wax without petro chemical byproducts.

Why candle wax palm?

Palm wax is an entirely natural material, and is a green product.

Palm wax is an extraordinary product quality when it comes to candles. They withstand the heat of a hot summer day, dyes easily accept and store well aromas of essential oils.

Among the advantages of a candle made of wax palm, compared to that of paraffin we can include:

1. It is a 100% natural, ecological, without petrochemical compounds.

2. Wax palm is an inexhaustible resource that constantly regenerates.

3. Wax palm oils absorbs flavor well and keep for a long time, which is why it can be successfully used in aromatherapy, using a single flavor or combinations carefully studied.

4. Candle Smoke does not burn.

5. Candle retains its shape and remains last, not deforming even in hot weather conditions.

6. Candle is smooth and non-greasy.

Through Hobby-Maker.com we have made available an online catalog with products made exclusively by our team. Our desire is to show pictures of the exact product that are to enjoy your day, no fancy pictures taken from famous designers or "pictures of favorable angles." Always consider the recommendations received are the best advertisement, and this motivates us to be increasingly better.

The online store will allow you to view our catalog virtually anytime, with the family, being able to calculate the exact final cost. Thus, we guarantee that the price established when placing the order is always the final price paid.

If you like something you want, you can do very easily shop online or sending an e-mail to comenzi@hobby-maker.com, specifying product name, a no. Telephone and delivery address with postcode. Payment is due upon shipment by Romanian Post or courier.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or details at no. phone 004 074 112 9595

To get tips for choosing a perfect candle design suitable for your gift or event please contact us.

* Orders are taken online Non-Stop.